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Floral Teacher

International floral teacher. Author of the European Floral Design Education (EFDE) and European Floral Design Master Education (EFDME).

Floral Designer

Experienced floral designer with flower shop for over 32 years. Editor and final editor of floral and lifestyle magazines for 20 years.

Floral Projects

First as participant of floral exhibitions, later as organizer of floral projects. Big floral projects and decorationsin Russia and China.

We are pretty good at these things too!!


With 32 years of experience on the international level our knowledge in the floral industry is unique.


Although our maternal speech is Dutch, our English has become our second language. Even our French is more than sufficient on social and professional level.

Product design

For wholesalers we developed structures which are very useful for florists to gain a lot of time and create exquisite floral work in a very short time.

Amazingly responsive

We have short lines of communication and are very responsive to any request. You need to take into account that our agenda is quite full so book us early enough!

Community builder

Once you get infected by our virus, you will never get rid of it again! We are so passionate about flowers that we infect all people who are involved with us.

Product presentations

For many years we set up presentations of new products for the biggest floral exporters in the world. This way we handed out ideas what to do with brand new products.

We can help you with...

Floral Design 100%
Floral Education 100%
Floral Project designer 90%
Product Presentation 75%
Product Development 70%
Consultancy 86%

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