The  history  of  our  education

the start

We had a bright start setting up our own flower shop in Lier, but had the feeling we there was much more fun to this profession than running this type of business. By taking the best available floral classes, getting into competitions and attending flower shows we were noticed by magazines and flower clubs. First on a national level, in a later stadium international. After visiting a flower show of the Antwerp Academy of Floral Art the president of this organization asked me if I was not interested in teaching for her school. Although I considered myself to be quite young to teach floral art, she convinced me in doing so and I taught in that school for more than 10 years. As the number of students dropped in most classes of the school, I decidedd to stop teaching over there and set
up my own school “Fluvium”, which is Latin for stream. This symbolizes
the philosophy of my school. The most easy way to proceed in life is
doing what the majority of people do: follow the flow. I want to be
different, I want to go upstream. There is no challenge in following
well-trodden paths, create what has been done 1000 times before us. It
is the hardest way but the only one to be regarded as being innovative.

 Next step

I set up a school with two educations, a Technical Class which specialized in teaching students every class a different floral technique. For the more experienced ones I created a Master Class. Here students need to create their own composition according to a given theme. To make the task more difficult the theme gets some obligations and some restrictions connected to it. As the school was quite successful and classes were over-crowded, I was obliged to organize another class in Hasselt, at the other side of our country.

From the beginning students have always been involved in setting up big floral exhibitions, demonstrations and shows. A group of the best students built up our floral projects for more than 20 years.As the interest of foreign countries became bigger, the Belgium teaching classes got under a big stress.

The Russian floral schools were the first foreign schools who wanted a cooperation with Fluvium. First Fluid, International Floral School, Yekaterinburg later Magenta, International Floral Academy, Saint-Petersburg appointed me as Head-Teacher of their school.


After one of my Chinese flower projects I had a meeting with the board of directors of Sikastone, Flower Education Beijing in the airport and was invited to come and teach in the most prestigious flower school in the world. Just as in Russia the challenge of teaching here exists in educating young people  with an enormous passion for flowers and a dedication to become a proper florist! Although this industry is booming in China, most of the youngsters go bankrupt within a year. As in most places in the world, technical knowledge is not enough to be successful in this profession.  When I noticed that even several of my own students opened a flower shop after attending a 15-day seminar, I figured out I had to set up a regular

modular system that allowed a student to keep working in his current job but grow into his dream step by step. The EFDE system was developed particularly for the Chinese market but is applicable all over the world.

Nowadays we keep teaching  the traditional seminars and giving demonstrations all over the world or we come and teach our brand new EFDE-system. For more info on the EFDE just click the button down here



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